Cheeserland Mint 9+ Slimming Hot Pants Review


One of my new year resolutions for this year is to start exercising, particularly swimming since I will probably pass out running under the sun, but judging how I don’t even have time for floss properly, I didn’t include it into the resolution list in case I fail myself lol.

But I’d still like to do something at home! Other than housework, there’s a way to let you accelerate your body’s metabolism whether you are mopping the floor, cooking or even just casually walking around.

Soft Snug Hot Slimming Pants

Hot shaper pants or slimming pants is quite often mentioned in the topic of fitness these days, and provides high quality hot pants that promotes body heat preservation.

How does it work?

Soft Snug hot slimming pants are designed to help increase your core temperature when you’re moving about, causing a thermogenic sauna effect on your body to promote more effective targeted fat burning.

You are gonna sweat extra lots when you wear SoftSnug, and it is made of a special neotex material that body temperature while absorbs sweat at the same time so you’re always dry on the outside. It is also comfortable, light-weight, stretchy, and the fabric moves with your body while performing any activity.

You can wear it to go jogging, running, yoga, or just simply wear it as you go on your usual activities!

I started wearing it in the morning and I went on doing the usual chores preparing breakfast and cleaning up. By the time I was done with house chore I could feel that my thighs were sweating a lot! While I was at it I also continued to do some simple stretching and I was really sweating like I’ve done some intense workout haha.

Of course this is not a pair of miracle pants that will make you lose weight in just one day. It’s helpful to boost fitness if you are ready to get active and start having a good diet. The website also provide tips on diet plan for Soft Snug for weight loss and healthy eating habit so you may refer to the articles.

Other than the classic hot slimming pants Mint 9+, Soft Snug also offers other ranges of fitness wear, including Back and Shoulder Corrector, and waist slimmer belt.

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