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Align Short Sleeve Soft Snug

Align Short Sleeve Soft Snug

RM60.00 MYR

Midnight Black
Maroon Red
Product Details

Align Short Sleeve Soft Snug

For those who adore daily essentials, with a couple of upgrades, align short sleeve is here to satisfy. This breathable t-shirt, upgraded with ergonomic guidelines to body postures aligned with proper compressions. Specially woven with our engineered fabric blend, the quick dry tech material dries up your sweat 10 times faster than conventional fabric. Light weight, ventilation, comfort, flexibility, alignment, you have it all.


Details & Features

  • Slim Fit cut around torso, shoulder, arm and waist design
  • Stiff guidelines around t-shirt for proper posture alignment during workout
  • Engineered fabric blend to maximize ventilation and breathability
  • Circulates body heat to promote perspiration, sweat glands detoxification, increase metabolism and fat burn.
  • Dries up to 10 times faster than conventional cotton blend
  • Trendy design that pairs well with different outfits



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