Mint Air 3 Soft Snug

Mint Air 3 Soft Snug | Hot Slimming Pants, Leggings, Slim Fit, Yoga Pants

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Mint Air 3 Soft Snug | Hot Slimming Pants, Slim Fit, Sauna Pants

We have designed Mint Air series with all day comfort in mind, without forgetting to burn some fats. You can wear this all day feeling bare and ventilated, while the pants do the fat burning work for you. If you are the cosy type that adores occasional exercises, you are in for the perfect treat. Start enjoying your modern lifestyle with a burning twist, you will find sweet reasons to slip on to these every moment.


Details & Features

  • Mint Air series is designed specifically to promote perspiration, sweat glands detoxification, increase metabolism and fat burn by circulating body heat.
  • Ergonomic design that contours with a perfect snug, with strategic seams and stitches.
  • Stay flexible with our comfortable, light-weighted and elastic hot pants to keep up with your athletic movements.
  • Stay breezy with our unique Neotex fabric. They are highly sweat absorbent to keep you dry and ventilated even when you are at extreme workouts.
  • Adjustable waist drawstrings to tailor a personal fit
  • Features Out seam Fat lock Stitching for extra durability for vigorous exercises
  • We keep things simple and classic here, so you can wear it anywhere everywhere.

    Recommendations: For better results, use it, use it and use it, combine with a good plan of meal, and enjoy it.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Excellent product.

    Works very well especially during exercise

    Good as advertised

    Good as advertised


    Mint Air 3 Soft Snug

    I'm really considering to purchase a second pair.

    Just walking around the house will have you sweating

    These clothes are not cheaply made

    My legs stays warm and it's great when you are playing basketball or tennis. I strongly recommend purchasing a pair and you tell me what your results will be after ther first workout!