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UP Plus Soft Snug

UP Plus Soft Snug | Slimming Back Corrector, Back Posture Supporter

RM120.00 MYR RM360.00 MYR

Product Details

UP Plus Soft Snug | Slimming Back Corrector, Back Posture Suit, Back and Shoulder Adjuster, Back Support 

UP plus is designed from ground up, to improve and to correct improper body postures holistically. It allows you to be corrected into perfect posture to ease back aches. UP Plus has seen lights from testimonials in improving post-natal body figure, losing fats around chest and love handle areas, increase in height etc. Start practising a proper posture with UP Plus today, and wave goodbye to back pains.


Details & Features

  • Ergonomic design with semi rigid fixation to enhance core support along spinal area
  • 100% Cotton Liner to enhance breathability and comfortability
  • Adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps to fine tune a tight strap around torso
  • Mesh padded shoulder straps with non-slip design
  • Retrain your body into proper posture
  • Improves eye level positon when reading to prevent myopia
  • Widens up shoulder and chest area to improve respiration
  • Improve posture related illness like rounded shoulders, frozen shoulders, slouch, hunch backs and forward head posture
  • Improve posture related symptoms such as increase in height, and increase in bra size
  • Designed to be easy to wear without the need of assistance

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