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Sauna Plus Top Soft Snug

Sauna Plus Top Soft Snug

RM149.00 MYR RM200.00 MYR

Product Details

Sauna Plus Top Soft Snug | Hot Slimming Top Shapers, Compression Shape Wear

Stay confident and sassy with our Sauna Plus Top when you hit the gym. Own your exercise routines with an extra kick of fat burning sensation with this body hugging beauty. The three dimensional weave and interlacing fabric will keep every inch of your upper torso sauna hot while you move your body. Most importantly, you still feel ventilated with all the metabolism increase.


Details & Features

  • Three dimensional weaving and interlacing fabric
  • Premium EPDM fabric to elevate weight loss by promoting perspiration, sweat glands detoxification, increase metabolism and fat burn by circulating body heat.
  • Ergonomic design with body hugging fabric blend around waist area
  • Stay flexible with our comfortable, light-weighted and elastic singlet to keep up with your athletic movements.
  • Stay breezy with our premium EPDM fabric. They are extremely flexible, and keeps you ventilated even when you are at extreme workouts.
  • Stay casual with our simple yet contemporary designs, easy to pair with workout pants and runners.


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