Essential HotSuit [OUT]

Essential HotSuit [OUT]

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Essential HotSuit [OUT] Soft Snug | Hot Body

If you are looking for the all-rounder body tank shaper that gives you the perfect body 360, Essential Hot Suit is your best option in the market. Designed from ground up to taper the perfect anatomy, along with revolutionary fabric materials, this hot suit accentuates the perfect curvatures and hide all imperfections at all angles. Combined with pure Ginger essential oil infused into zones most ignore, this hot suit helps burn fat as you strap it on to promote fat loss.


Details & Features

  • Tight and rigid construction that tapers to the perfect hourglass body.
  • Ergonomic design that contours with a perfect snug, with strategic seams and stitches.
  • Improved firm shaping figure control to hide fat bulges around waist and glute area.
  • Stay comfortable with our softest fabric material, feels invisible for all occasions
  • Stay flexible with our thinnest and most flexible material, to be ready for all actions.
  • Comes in two unique designs (inner wear and outer wear) for every occasion.
  • Essential hot suit has patent pending essential oil infusion, to enhance the fat burning process.
  • Essential hot suit tapers your body by promoting perspiration, sweat glands detoxification, increase metabolism and fat burn.
  • Comes with Ginger Essential only.
  • Adjustable three level hooks to ensure tailored fit for everyone under.


Recommendations: For better results, use it, use it and use it, combine with a good plan of meal, and enjoy it. 

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Very good product

Very awesome product. It's just that I made my order on 18th Oct and only received item on 30oct... otherwise everything am super satisfied. Sweat really alot...

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