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Men UP Plus Soft Snug | Back Posture Corrector, Back and Shoulder Adjuster, Back Support Suit

UP Plus Benefits:



  • Readjust your body posture
  • Suiitable for kids and adults
  • Improve eye level position [Prevent Myopia]
  • Reduce body heat
  • Widening shoulder
  • Body correction

每天2小時 3个星期有效改善產後身材
女-瞬间提升1.5罩杯! 男-视觉長高3CM!

打击頑固3肉! 副乳.後背肉.大肚腩有效!!
●脂肪均勻受力 双层加強束腹
●調整站坐姿態 舒缓肌体疲勞
●透氣排汗不緊繃 漸少對胃壓迫  




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